Subtitles "only with foreign audio" option

Wondered if this is something being looked at in any way? Have seen a few threads about this over the last two years with no response. @james could we get any sort of insight? Would be great appreciated! Thanks in advance

Is Infuse capable of auto-enabling subtitles for non-english content? I’m connected to a Plex server, and Plex’s client can do it, but I can’t find a way to do so through Infuse.

I would like to see a setting that allows for a default subtitle track when the main audio track isn’t your preferred language. Something like “Automatically enable X language subtitles when default audio track isn’t X language.” For example, if you can understand English and don’t understand Spanish, but the main audio track on a video is Spanish, it will automatically enable English subtitles. Plex has had this feature for a while now, and it is quite handy.

I’ve seen this requested a several times by different people over the years with no official response.

I saw multiples topics on forced subtitles but I would like to come back on it.
Today I have 2 issues with Forced subtiles and I guess it’s difficult to get if you are not used to look movies on another language or English is your primary language.

1°/If I see a movie on my own language and I don’t have disabilities, I don’t need the forced subtitles at all. e.g. looking a French movie in french I don’t need french forced subtitles…

2°/If I’m looking a movie on another language than one I’m fluent one, I need the full subtitles, not the forced one who are there only if some is speaking another language in the movie.
e.g. I’m looking a Japanese movie, I need the full subtiles ( and Infuse ALWAYS take the forced one when they exist)

Both issues are a pain for a lot of us … I guess and for me and my family, definitely

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+1 for this

I couldn’t believe this was not already an option - I only realised when I put a Japanese anime on for my son.

I came on the forum to see if I was missing an option somewhere and found this thread, so +1 from me too please :slight_smile:

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I did forget! Thanks for the reminder!

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Also if it is easier to implement, having another option to select subtitles with default tag (similar to how it is with the audio tracks when auto is selected) would work great.

+1 for this


Is there any way to enable/disable subtitle automatically based on the language of the audio? To get it to turn on if non-english, but off if english?

Like this post, I believe it is what you are looking for.

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Is there any chance this feature is going to be worked on any time soon? I’d love to avoid going through my entire library and setting all my non English language media to “forced” subtitles.

Just checking in again to see if this would make sense for a future feature - I’d love to be able to have subtitles only kick in for non-English media “automatically” without a lot of work on my end.

Checking in again on this :slight_smile: understandable if it’s not super high priority but still a killer feature for me so hoping to see it down the line eventually!

hi, would it be possible to have a setting where subtitles are only on when the default language is different to the default audio you have set?

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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting that feature.

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I just went to go watch All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) tonight and was reminded that this feature still isn’t in Infuse.

I’m really hoping a fully automatic subtitle feature can be added with the following logic:

  1. Play audio following the container’s Default flag
  2. If two identical subtitles exist, then always pick the Image-based (PGS) subtitle over the Text-based (SRT) subtitle, even if the Image-based subtitle is second in order.
  3. If Audio is local language of playback device then look for a Subtitle track with a Forced flag, and don’t turn on Subtitles if a Forced subtitle track doesn’t exist.
  4. If Audio is a foreign language of playback device, then select a non-SDH Subtitle track matching the local language of the playback device. If a non-SDH track isn’t available, then select an SDH track in the local language of the playback device.
  5. If Audio is changed to the local language, then repeat searching for a subtitle track according to Step 2.
  6. If Audio is changed to a foreign language, then repeat searching for a subtitle track according to Step 3.

The Plex app shockingly handles this well aside from the SDH vs. non-SDH part (which is important for Subtitles vs Dubtitles handling).

Here’s an image of a typical foreign movie’s subtitle tracks:


This sounds great to me, I’d like a couple of tweakable options myself like favouring SSA subtitles over others (mostly for anime) but otherwise very similar use case here. Also being able to select additional languages to not display subtitles on at all for bilingual folks would be nice.

Incredible. 5 years now and still no progress on what should be a basic feature.