Subtitles only showing every 3rd or 4th line

Hi there,

Recently starting to have this problem, where infuse isnt showing every line of my subtitles, only like every 3rd or 4th line. Then suddenly it Works for like 10 seconds, and then the problem starts again.

I tried the files on my WDTV and computer, and the subs is working correctly. Only on infuse the problem occures.

How do i fix this? The app is sadly useless to me at this moment because of this issue.

I’m using infuse 6 on AppleTV 4K

Hope to hear from you

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Is this on every video with every subtitle or is it working ok on some?

It’s on every.

Tried om wdtv, my computer and through dlna to my tv… No problems. The movie and the sub is named and placed correctly. For some reason infuse only show every 3rd or 4th line.

Only occures on infuse

Are these on subs you downloaded through Infuse or are they ones you have added separately? What sub type?

Ive added those myself.

I just think it’s weird that Works in my wdtv, on my computer and with dlna…it makes no sense to me that it shouldnt work on infuse

What is the type of sub? SRT, TXT, SUB?

Also, could you try downloading the sub file through Infuse which uses opensubtitles? See if you see the same skipping with the subs that Infuse provides.

Most of them is .srt.

I could try downloading with infuse…never tried that before tho

Give that a shot and see if it has the same issue.

Now that i have my own, how do i disable those without deleting Them, so i could test IT? I can’t Find any options on how to download like you suggested

Start the video, pause, swipe down, select “Subtitles”, scroll down to “Get More”

After you get them you can then select which one you want below on that same subtitle swipe down screen.

Sadly it seems like there is No open subs for this show in my language. Just keep thinking why the subs i have is out og sync on infuse and not on other platforms

I thought you said it was happening on all shows? If it’s happening on others, could you find one that does have subs available through Infuse?

Are the subs out of sync or are they missing lines? Those are two very different problems.

Two additional questions, first, how are you connecting in Infuse to your server? DLNA, SMB, FTP etc? Second, could you provide the name of the video file you are trying to get the subs to work with?

They are simply not showing. Works on other platforms tho

I trid dlna direct to tv, No infuse and that worked. Im streaming from my nas i Guess it’s smb.

Just wondering why they wont show…

Not sure what your seeing based on your posts. Are you saying that the subtitles are not showing in infuse at all but they do with the WDTV?

It could be that the sub files you have are not compatible with Infuse.

If you provide a name of one of the video files you are having problems with and where you got the sub file from that may help

On my wdtv and direct dlna every line shows. On infuse it’s like every 3rd or 4th line showing.

The subs is .srt, named correctly and placed correctly.