Subtitles on the left of the screen with Airplay


I bought yesterday Infuse 6 with Pro yearly on my iPhone X (iOS 14 beta 2) and iPhone 7 (iOS 13.6) and when I try to do AirPlay to my Samsung QLED 2018 from my library with Dropbox, the subtitles in TV is located on the left of the screen and doesn’t matter if I download the video or try to use downloaded subtitles.
I tested with Infuse 6 latest version from App Store and Infuse 6 Pro from TestFlight and both have the same behavior with every video on my library.

There’s any fix for this, please? Thanks in advance.

Is this happening with both the iOS 14 device and iOS 13.6 device?

What are you subtitle appearance options set to when AirPlaying?

Yes, is happening with both the iOS 14 device and iOS 13.6 device.

My subtitle appearance options set when AirPlaying:

  • iOS 13.6 (default, no changes after installing the app by the App Store);
  • iOS 14 Beta 2 (Size: Smaller and Background: 25%, everything else default).

I tested on one Apple TV 3rd generation with a friend and the videos worked pretty good with the subtitle on the right place so maybe the problem is on the AirPlay of the Samsung TV, this would be very frustrating because i bought Infuse Pro just for use with AirPlay.

We’ll take a look into this.

Thanks for the report!

Than you very much.

This has been resolved, and the fix will be available soon in the upcoming 6.4.8 release.

Thanks for the report!

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