Subtitles on infuse for apple tv

I am kind of frustrated that infuse only works with

Lets say I have the proper subtitle file next to the video file. Infuse can not pick up on it and use it?

Or I can not choose it? At times as well when I have no good internet, then I can say goodbye to getting the english subtitles from opensubtitles site…

Does someone share my frustration? Or is it something I don’t do right here?

Let me know.


You can use local subtitles. The users guide may help explain.

So this video I did will work? Check it here:

or check on Youtube:

I will see if it works within infuse app on the apple tv 4k…

oke it worked… it automatically selected the subtitle in english…

Check the screenshot here below. Hope it can help someone else with subtitle issues.

is there a way in Apple TV 4K to automatically download the matching subtitle in english with the Infuse app?? Or this is not possible?


Not to have Infuse just download subs for all videos, you have to follow the instructions on that users guide if you need them. If you did it automatically for all videos you may be duplicating subs for those videos that may have them internal.

It really doesn’t take long to get subs from within the video if needed.

you are not wrong about it does not take long. But lets say internet is out… and or the opensubtitle site is down… you got to start watching the movie without the subs. oh well then you can figure it out yourself now with the same name subtitle trick…get the sub from elsewhere and rename it.

Wouldn’t you need the internet for that? :wink:

You are not wrong, sometimes is not working and the internet is just fine…

So you can google the english subtitle elsewhere and use it…

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