Subtitles on aTV Flash 1.0 only 1/3 appear

I previously reported this issue, the recommendation was to update to the latest version of aTV Flash, I didnt have a chance to do it until today, I updated to version 1.0 and the problem remains.

Only 1/3 of the subtitles appear on the screen, for example, on a scene of 10 seconds and lets say 6 subtitle lines, the Media Player only shows 2 subtitle lines. The subtitles are srt and yes, theyre named as the video file, need that to be fixed, I have family members that arent english fluent, I need subtitles. Thanks

Would you be able to send in the srt file you are having trouble with?

Sure, where do I send it? I couldnt attach it to this post, .srt files are not alowwed nor .zip

If you can open a support ticket and attach it there, that would be best.

I just opened a ticket

I’m having the same issue.

Can you try adjusting the subtitle encoding type?

Details for doing this can be found here.