Subtitles on all shows do out of sync id I skip forwards


My partner doesn’t have great eyesight so we always have subtitles on.

But when using infuse if we skip forward, through the theme tune say, the subtitles go completely out of sync - sometimes up to 30 seconds.

It’s every single show on every single device.

I don’t know how subtitle downloads work but we’ve tried different ones for the same episode and still had the same problem.

It’s got to the stage where my partner can’t use subtitles on our Apple TV cos they’re just too confusing.

Btw killing and restarting the app doesn’t reset the position. Only a complete rewind does.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way around it?

I use subtitles on almost everthing I watch (except old movies I know by heart) because at only 49 I’ve already destroyed my hearing — 19 year old me was two dumb to get in the habit of wearing hearing protection while involved full-time, over 3 decades, in a very loud sport. My tinnitus has grown over the past five or six years to a 24/7, awake and asleep, thundering cacophony of rushing water accompanied by a chorus of particularly angry cicadas, crickets, and peepers).

I have not noticed this issue before.

Can you identify anything specific about the content you are playing when this happens, or commonalities in the types of subtitles used?

It sounds like you may be having Infuse download subtitles for you; is that correct?

I’ll do a screen recording to see if it shows you anything (I’ve done one and I’ve got to somehow squish it down to 8mb, so it’s gonna be baaaaaaad quality).

I’m never sure how to answer questions like yours, so: they’re just TV shows, 720/1080 etc; I download all subtitles yeah. Please let me know if I’ve not given you enough info. Thanks :innocent:

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Completely understandable.

Since Infuse users can both source (eg. who encoded the file?) and retrieve content from many different local and remote devices and services (where is the file located?); and such content may exist in many different formats of video (eg. various pixel resolutions, video aspect ratios, and color palletes) and audio (monaural, stereo, various multi-channel formats); and may be encoded in many different video (eg. h.264, x265) and audio codecs (eg. AAC, FLAC, DTS, TrueHD)
collected together in various different container formats (.mp4, .mkv, .iso, bdmv) …

And as subtitles themselves come in many different types (some text based, some picture based) and can be contained either inside the various container formats (previously mentioned) or reside outside the container in the same folder as the content, or in a subfolder of that folder; or be downloaded from a different source altogether (as Infuse sources its subtitles from an online database which only hosts subtitle files) …

And as different users use Infuse in so many different ways (some use it alongside Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin, while others use Infuse as a standalone app … some access content through the library views and others through the folders view) …

It’s a lot. Who can keep track of it all?

Yet, as many identifiable specifics a user can offer (including the version no. of their Infuse software, the version no. of their tvOS/iOS/macOS software, their hardware type/generation/storage size; what they were doing at the time they noticed the issue; commonalities noticed in files at issue and possibly differences between effected and not effected files; media-info details from affected files; etc.) might help others narrow down a possible solution.

If it turns out to be a common issue experienced by others, the information those folks post also ought to eventually help zoom in on a cause.

Thanks for such a helpful reply

OK, it seems to happen to every show.

The one I’m gonna try sending is h.264, AAC audio, in an mkv container. I had to reduce the quality a lot but hopefully it’s clear

You can see that the subtitles start off in sync, but as soon as i skip forward you can see how bad it gets.

The Infuse version is 7.5.2, the OSes are iPadOS 16.5.1 (beta), iOS 16.4 (not beta). I’m not sure what subtitle file it’s using for the uploaded clip cos the original just says Subtitles------------English, with OpenSubtitle underneath. But it’s happened with every subtitle I’ve downloaded

I only access files through the library.

One final thing: this has happened on all the iPhones and iPads I’ve had since buying Infuse Pro; probably 4 in total

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I can’t upload the video. It’s 15 seconds, 6.4mb - it seems to be uploading but then gets stuff at 100% and never finishes

Short clip of subtitles going out of sync

Having decided to send a YouTube clip, I just realised I could make it longer so you can see and hear it more clearly

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Hopefully @james will be able to take a look at it for you.

To be clear, all episodes of all shows, or just all episodes of a specific show? It feels like the former; but just confirming.

And does the issue not occur with movies? Or have you not tested this as yet?

Wish I could help actually sort you, but my infuse devices no longer have access to the internet so I can’t attempt replicating your exact circumstances, unfortunately.

It sounds like this may be a file-specific issue, and if you are able to upload one of the problematic files we can take a look.

Files up to 50GB can be uploaded here.

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