Subtitles OFF

Probably wrong place, but with the latest update RC1 and media 0.9.2 subtitles are ON for every one of my tv shows. I don’t download the subtitles, so am wondering where they came from. Can only guess from inside MKV. 

Problem is I don’t want them! I know i can turn them off from the menu item once I start the show, but how to turn them off by default, not on. As of this update it is pain to turn off the subtitles on every show i watch. 

I am willing and able to edit a plist/db file if needed, just need to know where.



We’ll probably need to add a setting for this as before we had a number of requests to have subtitles on by default.

Any way to fix for me to fix this before the official fix is released?


+1 to add a setting. If I may make a suggestion, I would like only forced subs to be on by default. Perhaps the option can take this into consideration.

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A toggle setting has been added and will be available in the next version.