Subtitles not working after 30min


I’m running the latest version of iOS and Infuse.
My movies are on Google Drive and I stream them to my Samsung TV using AirPlay

In the first 30min the Subtitles works just fine. But after that it suddenly stops working. So i have to stop streaming then stream it again. So the subtitles start displaying again. This happens every 30min. So if the movie is more than 2 hours long I have to repeat this process 3 or 4 times.

Any ideas?

It helps to give the version number of Infuse and os you’re using since both tend to have frequent updates.

For example Infuse just got an update today, were you experiencing this problem yesterday prior to the update or did it start today 4-13-20?

This has been happening all week. And today when I saw a new update for Infuse I did it immediately and went to test it again. Same problem

You may want to check out this thread where they too are having subtitles disappear on a Samsung TV while using airplay with Google drive.

You may want to try the possible solutions given there.

Ok. I’ve seen the post

I’ve tried to Stream with the movie downloaded on my phone and it works. Also with Chromecast works perfectly. The subtitle is displayed all the time.

Probably is a problem with AirPlay. The weird thing is: the Subtitles stops after 30min in any language. English, Portuguese, Spanish…
it’s not because it has different characters so the AirPlay can’t read it. Not even in English works.