Subtitles not showing with AirPlay for some files

Subtitles always work as they should when viewing videos on my iOS devices.

When launching AirPlay some files demand for AirPlay mirroring to be turned on, while other files start AirPlaying without mirroring.

Subtitles work well when streamed through my ATV in the first of these scenarios, but not in the other.

No subtitles showing when AirPlaying files that don’t ask for mirroring.



Can you check the Apple TV SW you are using? Subtitles over AirPlay will require Apple TV 5.1 or later.

Also, depending on your Apple TV’s settings you may need to toggle on subtitles using the remote. This can easily be done by holding the center (select) button on the Apple TV remote (while AirPlay is active) and select the desired subtitle track.

Thanks, James! Yes, you were right. I had 5.0 (which was non-upgradeable due to ATVFlash). Did a factory restore and upgraded, so now subtitles are working.