Subtitles not showing up on infuse 6?

Recently, subtitles have not been showing up on infuse on most of my newly downloaded tv shows that I know have subtitles as I’ve seen them on open subtitles and it’s plain sense that they would have subs.

When I look at Spanish language for example, that appears but for English, nothing shows up.

Please assist

Have you updated to 6.0.4 yet? It has some enhancements for subtitles and metadata that may help.


Are you saying that the files have embedded subtitles but Infuse doesn’t show them or are you saying that a specific language subtitle isn’t showing as available on opensubtitles?

When I look for available subtitles like I usually do, nothing shows up when I know open subtitles has those available on their site so there must be something up with the API or app

So you’re saying that no subtitles are showing up regardless of the language even though you see them on the openstbtitles website? Or is it just a specific language missing?

Can you provide a show name example that you’re not seeing subtitles for?

Family guy S17e18 latest episode not seeing English subtitles. Correct metadata, it’s showing the right episode data but no subs along with a number of other shows like SWAT latest.

I just paid a year’s subscription of infuse as well and have been using it for years with a recent upgrade from 5 - 6.

There are a bunch available here-

I’ve just tested this here, and it seems to be working for me (see attached).

Do you have the Metadata Fetching option enabled in Infuse? Would you mind sending in a report from your device so we can look further into this (Settings > Email Us).

Thanks for testing, might try and redownload the app if the issue persists.

At this moment, I am getting cannot access open subtitles, is there something up with the site or API?

Would you mind sending in a quick report so we can look into this?

Hello. I have literally the same problem. Could you please solve it? Thanks

Welcome to the forum!

A bit more info would help. Which problem is it you’re having? There are multiple problems at different times in this thread. Are certain language subs missing? Are you not able to connect to opensubtitles?

What is the complete version number of Infuse are you running? iOS or tvOS?

Thank you.

I’m watching Game of Thrones, and it cannot find any subtitles in any language (inside of the app) It simply shows “no subtitles available”

And this is inside of the open subtitles section.

The version is 6.4.1 3062. On iPadOS.

Running this on VLC player for tvOS works shows every single subtitle, so something must not be able to connect well.

Thank you for your quick answer!

What do you see when you tap on “Get More…”?

This happens for every language, and file

What do you see when you click on “English”?

EDIT: Scratch that, could you try 6.4.2?

I’ve just downloaded the last version and the issue is still there.

If i click english, it lets me chose another language. I ve tried many of them and is worthless. Theres no subtitle available :frowning:

It’s acting almost like there’s no internet connection. That is strange. Maybe @james can chime in with a thought.

For some reason, it seems Infuse may be having trouble connecting to OpenSubtitles.

Can you tap the Email Us option in Settings, and post the 5 digit code you see here? This will allow us to see what is going on.

Here you are MTZ1X Thank you!

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