Subtitles not rendering properly (.ass)

I watch a lot of anime with some fairly heavily typeset subtitles, and unfortunately infuse doesn’t seem to handle the rendering of these very well. Here’s an example of the performance of infuse versus outplayer, which is based on mpv: RPReplay_Final1638754400

You can see it’s a lot choppier in infuse. This wasn’t the greatest example since it was a really simple animation of the subtitles and the choppiness isn’t at its worst, but this basically makes anime with a lot of translated signs unwatchable. Really hope this can be fixed because I like this player a lot :slight_smile:


this is exactly the same issue i’ve been having since the release of Infuse 7. i don’t remember it ever happening on Infuse 6. Thanks for uploading actual footage of it happening, it’s a big bummer and the only thing stopping me from using Infuse currently.

Do you have a sample file or a download link? I would like to compare this problem also on my device with Infuse 7.3.1.

Today’s 7.4.4 update includes many improvements for ssa/ass subtitles, and should resolve this issue.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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