Subtitles not refreshed automatically

I have a Plex Server on my iMac and then Infuse Pro 7 is connected to it on my ATV 4k 2021. Subtitles for Tv Show and Movies are external SRT files and are recognized automatically by Plex but I have to refresh manually what I am seeing in order to load the subtitles, why? If I am not mistaken in a previous version of Infuse (6 if I am not wrong) that happens automatically. Is there a setting for this and I am not aware of it?

If the subtitles were recently added, you may need to run a scan in Infuse to pick these up. These are done automatically when opening Infuse, and you can also trigger this by clicking the refresh icon at the top of the home screen.

Alternatively, you can use the Refresh option for a specific video.

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