Subtitles: not possible to adjust starttime

When downloading .srt subtitles it’s not possible adjust starttime which make subtitles unusable :frowning:
However, I can adjust all other parameters…
How to fix?

Pls. Reply firecore… and yes I’m pro user on both ver. 5, 4 and the atv2 version :wink:

You can adjust the time offer through the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

If you don’t see the time adjustment option, that likely means the subtitles are hardcoded and cannot be adjusted.

Not hardcoded of course… DVD ripped as MKV passthrough with subtitles but as other user has stated the subtitles looks really odd, so I would like to download subtitle .srt and the download part works flawless and playback as well… however, downloaded .srt are out of sync and it’s not possible to adjust starttime… Because firecore thinks subtitles are hardcoded on the MKV and does not take into consideration that another subtitle .srt has been downloaded and the .srt is not hardcoded?

I have the same problem with the latest Infuse 5 version. When I load
a subtitle file, I see the option to adjust the subtitle delay time. But
when I select the field, I cannot change the value. I have not had
this behaviour in previous versions.
So please look into that, oherwise, the download option for subtitles
becomes completly useless.

My experience is that subs included inside a mkv container cannot be adjusted, only separate .srt files. So if the embedded sub is out of synch you need to download an external file instead