Subtitles, MPEG2, ++

I’m running XBMC today, and I’m generally happy with the functionality and performance, but like many others I think the GUI is a little clunky. From the screenshots I’ve seen, aTV Flash (black) looks really nice, and I like the way it integrates into the native ATV menus (like PLEX does).

Before buying I’d like to check if it satisfies my requirements. The blog/forum did not answer all my questions…

*** Support for DVD “bitmap” subtitles (VOBSUB) embedded in MKV (direct copy from DVD using MakeMKV). I read in the Beta6 / 0.6 blog posts that DVD subs were added/fixed, but then I saw that SRT subs were just added in 0.7, so it seemed strange that VOBSUB were already supported… Just to confirm.
*** Support for Blu-Ray subtitles (PGS?) (direct copy from BR using MakeMKV)
*** Playback of MKV with MPEG2 video (direct DVD rip, not transcoded/compressed)
*** Proper presentation of TV shows with seasons and episodes
*** Support for waking up remote computer (Wake on LAN)
*** AirPlay working while aTV Flash running


Hi, here’s a bit more info for you.

  • SRT subtitles, as well as DVD subtitles (in VIDEO_TS files) are supported. Embedded MKV subtitles need a bit more work to enable and are not yet working.
  • MKV with embedded MPEG2 video should be working
  • TV Show metadata/organization is not yet supported.
  • Limited support for WOL
  • AirPlay functionality is unchanged with aTV Flash (black) installed

We’re still in beta, so you’ll have to forgive a few missing/incomplete features.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I fully understand the product is in beta, with some limitations.

Just some follow-up questions:

  • So SRT is supported, but currently only as stand-alone .srt files?
  • MKV embedded subs (VOBSUB, SRT, others?) is a planned feature? Before 1.0?
  • What about BluRay/PGS subs in MKV? Planned?
  • TV Show metadata/organization is a planned feature?
  • "Limited support" for WOL means what?


  • Yes, currently only external .srt files are supported. Embedded subtitles will be available soon, definitely before 1.0.
  • TV Show metadata will also be available before 1.0.
  • WOL is not fully implemented yet, and is basically only working with some NAS drives. Better support for WOL is coming soon as well.