Subtitles LTR/RTL problem


Great great job on the media player :slight_smile:

One last problem that I found in the subtitles, when I use Hebrew - 1255 encoding the punctuation in the end of a 
sentence is in the wrong position,

for exemple:

Word? (?מילה)

will show

?Word (מילה?)



Hebrew & Arabic are RTL and not LTR, that is probably the reason… 

Can you please find a way to add a property that will fix it?


Thanks in advance

i agree ! this will help me too… thanks!

Sorry, we’ll take a look.

Hi, James

Thanks for your reply, If you need any beta testing for the solution - I’ll love to help :slight_smile:

Any update?

Just installed the last update hoping to see this solved, but it’s not :frowning:

When do you think you get to this?



Would you be able to open a support ticket and send in a sample file you’re having trouble with?