Subtitles looks wierd on tvOS 14 Beta 2

I don’t know from where the problems come but subtitles now have little squares and triangles inside the letters since the tvOS Beta 2 update:

I have this problem with multiple files and even with str from OpenSubtitle.

Is the problem from Infuse or tvOS ?

Have you updated to Infuse 6.4.6 yet? That may solve your problem.

Yes updated to 6.4.6, still the same issue.
tvOS 14 beta 2 released yesterday so it may come from there

Same here with the above versions of TvOs & Infuse…

(On both english & swedish subtitles)

No issues with Hebrew subtitles. Same tvOS 14 beta 2. Did you check the subtitle language settings in video and Audio settings ?

There is nothing to change for subtitles than on or off (or language) in settings.

If subtitles are capped then there are alot more of them showing up like in the picture in first post.

Gets abit annoying after watching something for awhile :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

This should be fixed in today’s 6.4.8 update. :slight_smile:

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