Subtitles like in iTunes movies

Does anyone here know the following:

What exact settings for srt subtitles does one have to choose in Infuse to get subtitles similar to the ones in iTunes movies?

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How do you mean when referencing the itunes subs. The subs in itunes content are added by itunes. This is one of the main reasons I bought an ATV4K, very generous with subs.

The subs from infuse are from open subtitles.

I can see I should have been more clear. What I’m looking for isn’t the subtitles themself, but what settings to choose in Infuse to make the subtitles visually look the same as the ones in iTunes.

That should be in the ATV4K

I don’t understand what you mean.

Can you provide a screen cap of what you’re wanting to achieve?

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I want my srt subtitles in Infuse to look the same visually as standard subtitles in iTunes movies you can buy or rent on Apple TV. Just don’t know what settings to choose in Infuse.

Again it’s far better to post a screenshot of those subs playing in iTunes then more people can hopefully help.


I don’t use iTunes and many other don’t so it would be best to post a pic of what you want to see instead of just a description. It may be possible if we could see what you want.

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My suggestion was to see if you could change the font style to match what you are getting from your itunes library.

This is possible, I believe is possible by making changes to the font in the ATV4K.