Subtitles light gray color or brightness slider

Please add one more color light gray for subtitles.

or something like panasonic blu ray has brightness slider.

Thank you


Agree. Сurrent white color is too bright, especially for OLED, but grey color is too dim. Need something average, like default atv subtitles

I agree: white for Oled is really too bright to the point that is distracting and it’s a sore for the eyes.

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Or something like panasonic blu ray has brightness slider this is great function.

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I like the way apple tv’s subtitles work in dolby vision mode. The subtitle brightness adjusts to the brightness of the picture, which means it’s not as bright in dark scenes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in standard HDR. But it’s still not so bright.

In any case, in the current form, the subtitle settings in infuse 6 are much better than those of competitors (where they often do not exist at all) only lack the ability to choose from more gradations for white and gray and background transparency. When the developers add this, it will be great :slight_smile:

Guys we need more votes :slight_smile: brightness slider this could be awesome function.

light gray it is in beta :slight_smile: