Subtitles Issue

I’m just curious how to rip movies and subtitles so that when a foreign language is spoken in the movie, the subtitles show (i.e. Star Wars), but they don’t show at any other time. Any suggestions?

Usually during movies when a foreign language is spoken such as in Star Wars, the subtitles showing are hardcoded. Which means it was put in by the filmmakers, and not as a seperate file such as (srt.)

That’s not the case in Star Wars Ep 1 DVD or in the Avatar BR. Both had subtitles that didn’t have anything hard coded. I added subtitles into the Handbrake encode, but nothing shows up.

This can vary greatly between movies. Some have burned in subtitles, and others have one or more separate subtitle tracks.

I stumbled upon this community maintained Google Doc awhile back which has been very helpful.