Subtitles in wrong language when embedded vs srt


Excuse me for my English: not my native language.

When I have a video with embedded and srt subtitles, Infuse prefers srt ones, that’s ok.

However, Infuse also prefers srt even when preferred language is only in embedded subtitles, so it seems srt over embedded choice precedes preferred language selection.


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I think Infuse assumes that if you are going to provide an external file along with your video that it is going to default to that. Remove the file and it will use embedded subtitles. I don’t think Infuse does any sort of magic to pick up the right language in this case. This is only used when downloading a subtitle through Infuse.

Oh I see. So maybe it would be nice to use the preferred language when automatically choosing a subtitle.

Indeed I need different languages because of family members using my Plex server.

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Not exactly the same but maybe add support for this thread:

Yeah it would be nice if we could force Infuse to always select a specific language for subtitles no matter if it’s an embedded sub or an external .srt file

There is a thread in the suggestions area for this you may consider following.