Subtitles have ads

Downloaded some subtitles in Infuse last night and noticed an OpenSubtitles ad pop up.

Are the ad-free subtitles still part of Infuse Pro? Or have the premium subtitles been dropped from the Pro subscription?

It could be just a specific file that slipped through. Did you try on more than one movie?

This is an issue we became aware of last week (we believe it started on Jan 1st) and something we are working with OpenSubtitles to resolve.

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I’ve only experienced it with this movie (Kingdom of Heaven, Roadshow version).

Thanks James for the quick reply.

As an aside, I’ve never see a subtitle ad this obnoxious. This occurred in the middle of the movie throughout a 5-6 minute action scene with no dialogue.

I think we’re used to seeing them at the ends of movies or TV shows (when the credits roll) but this was just obnoxious and downright dirty (to clarify, this is a comment on the placement of the ad by OpenSubs, not on Infuse)

OpenSubtitles just released a few server-side fixes which appear to resolve this issue.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:


Hi James,

I tried to download subs for the same movie and the ads are gone. Thanks for working with OpenSubs to resolve this issue!

Related question. Is there a way to delete subs from the Apple TV app like there is on iOS?

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