Subtitles for Movies purchased via iTunes?

Movies purchased via iTunes but played back via aTV Flash Media Player still seem to use the default apple menu, ie: pressing and holding the centre remote button brings up the default apple screen, with chapter menu only.

Is there any work around for this? Or, can this behaviour be changed in the future to bring up the aTV Flash Media Player screen, with Video, Audio, and Subtitle options?

It would be a great addition to make use of the new aTV Flash subtitle download feature, since not all apple movies come with subtitles, or at least perhaps not in the required language.


Thanks for any input/ideas :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. Media Player needs to send all purchased iTunes content to the default Apple TV player (due to the embedded DRM) which currently does not support external subtitles. Sorry.

Unfortunate, but, I understand, and I thought it may have been wishful thinking on my part. Thank you for the very prompt response :slight_smile:

If possible this would be one of the top feature of atv flash.

I totally agree, since as some time has passed and I have purchased more and more iTunes Movies, I now see that very few of them seem to contain subtitles, and when they do they are mostly ugly CC (closed captions) in english only.

As you said, this could be a top feature of aTV Flash, when you think about all the people around the world who speak english as a second (or 3rd, or 4th) language.

This feature would dovetail nicely with aTV Flash’s new and instant subtitle download feature.

In addition, I noticed when searching online about subtitles for iTunes movies, there is also another large customer base seeking this feature - users that are hearing impaired.

Please Firecore, if there is a way to do this, I think it would be a killer feature for aTV Flash.


Moving to the suggestions section.

Thank you :slight_smile:

From my research online about this subject, currently users (both english as a 2nd language, and hearing impaired) have to jump through ridiculous hoops just to get some subtitles in their preferred language.

Generally it seems to involve retranscoding the entire movie. To me this entirely defeats the convenience aspect of using iTunes in the first place.

An aTV Flash solution, as easy as the current aTV Flash subtitle functionality would be unbelievably awesome. Im sure with some marketing, you would find a whole additional user base just from that one feature.

Yesterday I rented the movie We Bought a Zoo and the subtitles appear in spanish, before I have already rented this movie and the subtitles did not appear. Also I have not seen any movie in itunes with subtitles, this is the first one.

Maybe this feature is going to be included in every movie in itunes because all movies have different languages and subtitles right from the movie if you buy the blue ray or dvd version.


What I did not like too much was that every time a subtitle appears a different shade appear around the subtitles so that you can read the better. No blue ray or dvd is doing this.


The best is that the subtitle appears alone without shade.


It is also important that Apple included subtitles in the movies from itunes because people is already watching movies for free with subtitles. I preferr to rent or buy a movie than watch it for free, but it is unfair that Itunes does not include the subtitles in movies.


For example the other day I rent the movie Lockout in itunes and it did not have subtitles in spanish, and in this website you can view that movie for free with subtitles in spanish.!/peliculas/4583/lockout

You have the point here, but the question is that does not Apple relize the important of subtitles, or there are some other reasons make them not wish to do this??

Generally speaking it seems most iTunes movie DO NOT have subitles. When they do, they are generally in the ugly CC (Closed Captain) format, and in addition, they may not be in the language that you would prefer.

Lets remember there are several different potential users for this:

  • People who simply just want subtitles.

  • People for who english (or any other language) is a second language, or vice versa (I am one of them. Native english speaker, but live in europe, speak several second languages, my partner, she speaks english as a 3rd language - Multiple language options are just a normal part of all aspects of life for us - I know Im not the only one :wink: )

  • People who are Deaf / Hard of Hearing.

An aTV Flash solution, as easy as the current aTV Flash subtitle functionality would be unbelievably awesome. Download subtitles when you want, how you want, in the language you want.

Seems ideal to me.

Please Firecore keep working on this…!