Subtitles font

It would be awesome if the subtitles font was bolder, or even better, let us choose :slight_smile:

Keep the good work. Thanks

There are some adjustable subtitle options available through the Playback Menu. You can adjust the color, size, and shadow/outline to suit your needs.

The Playback Menu can be accessed by holding the select button while a video is playing.

What I mean is to have an option to change the font. Personally I like it with an outline but it’s too thin. There could be an option to change the font to bold.



Gotcha. I’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for the Media Player 0.9.1 update :)

It seems that the settings for subtitles (fonts, color etc.) are missing when playing .ISO files ??

Subs are all in yellow and sometimes it’s a bold font, others are outlined…

No problems in .mkv and .avi - settings are available under subtitle menu using “select” when playing but not in .iso. 

Thanks in advance and continue the good work !


Unfortunately the subtitle styles for DVD files (VIDEO_TS and ISO) are fixed and cannot be changed.

Sorry.  :frowning:

OK, but when looking at XBMC for ATV2, it defaults to a more “neutral” subtext-color (light gray or white) when playback .iso’s

To me the neutral color is more preferable as it also is the subtext-color anywhere else… outside the atv ;) 

Yellow subs somehow move your attention away from the picture and make you focus too much on the text… just a thought.


Sorry, there was actually a DVD subtitle issue introduced in the 0.9.1 version, causing DVD subtitles to appear overbold. This will be resolved soon.

Perfect,- looking forward to the next upgrade - thanks :)

A subtitle ‘Weight’ option has been added in today’s Media Player 0.9.2 release. 

Available settings are Normal and Bold. :)

That’s awesome! Thanks man!

That’s funny. I’m using the latest aTV Flash (Black) and I’m not able to change color or size. The color on my subtitles is yellow, and thats pretty annoying. I also have several TS files, with danish subtitles, and even if i select the subtitles they don’t show up, as the do in xbmx. That’s a shame because othewise it’s a great software.

Do any of you have some suggestions to solve above.

Regard from Denmark.



Are these DVD files (VIDEO_TS)? Style changes are not available for these files, however we’re working to resolve a few report issues related to incorrect colors.

No it’s ISO files containing standard VIDEO_TS. Do you think it could help playin the VIDEO_TS directly.

Do you have any idea of the problem with the subs in the TS file ?



Ok, ISO files work the same way.

We’re working on a fix and hope to have it out soon. Sorry for the trouble.

It’s okay, look forward to it. Hope you also can solve the problem with subs in a DVB TS file.



I just wondered what priority this issue about subtitles have? And also I can not see any options for “subtitles” in the “hold select” (during playback) screen. And well I get this yellow (ugly) color as well and I would like to be able to change the default font color/size/type, and actually I am rather sure most users would like this to be a default setting that could be set to “override” what the “movie file” says anyway, since this is more like what a user want than what a movie-provider believes a user wants :slight_smile:


Besides that a great add-on for my apple tv… still using XMBC for some features but most views are made via this nice add on :slight_smile:



“ISO playback subtitles.”

Yes, the font color is back to this yellow “thing” again…

It went back to this color after last update… so it seems that the last fix to this color issue was overwritten by the last major update…??? 


Hmm, are you seeing this will all ISO files, or just a few?

It seems that a power off/on solved the problem with the yellow subtitle text… strange. The box has been soft booted several times after last update.

The funny color was on all .iso and .img files. But not anymore :)