Subtitles flashing but not showing after update

Hi there,
I’ve got a problem with subtitles now. Updated my Apple TV A1625 to tvOS 11.4.1 (15M73) and Infuse pro to 5.7.5 (2154). After that I have flashing subtitles not showing as usual. I mean it showing as a flash and not showing then. Never met this trouble before the last update of tvOS and Infuse.
Any advices what to do please.

Have you quit and restarted both Infuse and the ATV?

I’m sorry this was my mistake. It happens with some (not all) BDMV files and I suppose now it was with them and before the update.
That’s why I marked the topic as “Solved”. I still have no problem with MKV, AVI, DVD, Apple files and so on. Only with some of BDMV.

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