Subtitles & Files

Dear Firecore,

I have been using Infuse (Pro) for a while now on my AppleTV4 and while it works, im getting quite frustrated with 1 part.

First some background

I use Infuse to stream from a NAS share which has 2 main folders, Movies and Series
In the Series share there are subfolders, 1 for each series and in them 1 for each season.

Inside each Season folder is the avi/mkv/whatever series-files and a subtitle with the same name, but ending in .srt or similar subtitle format.

My problem is that Infuse is not reading this correctly.

If I go for instance into the “Criminal Minds” folder and into Season 1 in Infuse, it shows 2 of each season, 1 being the AVI and the other being the SRT.
If I click the SRT file (as if trying to play it), it’ll come up with an error that it’s unable to play it, if I click the AVI it plays perfectly, but wont display the subtitles.

I can then go into the Subtitles menu and download new subtitles from, and they will work fine, but it will never recognise my own subtitles.

I have looked at your FAQ/Guide and it says

Be in same folder
Have same name

Both requirements I fullfill and yet it don’t work.

Whats wrong and how can I fix it ?

It sounds to me as you’re giving them EXACTLY the same name. The subtitles shouldn’t appear as clickable videos if they have the .srt file extension. So a video named “criminal.minds.s01e01.avi” should have the subtitle file named like this “”. That works for me anyway.

Also it could be some weird behavior in UPnP or DLNA. If you use one of these types of connections, you should consider trying SMB or NFS instead.


First off thanks for answering, but im afraid at least your first anwer makes no sense, Windows don’t allow 2 files with identical names and I gurantee that they have the .srt extension, which is why it confuses me.
You can even see the filename in Infuse, one will be called .avi in the end and one .srt.

Also im already using NFS, so it’s neither UPNP or DLNA.

Anyway I’ve tried a million things now, renamed files, moved them into individual folders, one folder pr season, one folder pr episode with just file + subtitles, nothing works.

Are you connecting to your NAS via UPnP/DLNA by chance?

Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t see the actual SRT files in the Infuse menus at all, as these will simply be listed as a selectable tracks in the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu. However, we’ve seen a few cases where some NAS drives incorrectly detect srt files as videos, and give them a video extension which causes them to appear in Infuse.

If possible, you may try connecting via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV to see if this improves things for you.

As mentioned above, I was already using NFS, but after changing it to SMB insted, it’s now working properly.

Unfortunately im now for the 3’rd day in a row unable to download Subtitles, even though your little check-site says that OpenSubtitles.Org is working again (it was marked as red yesterday).
Are these issues related or an issue with OpenSubtitles ?

Thanks :slight_smile: