Subtitles encoding

What encoding is being used? This is from Ghost In The Shell: Innocence, and when I open the subtitle file in BBEdit it shows "raison d’ètre’.

Is there an option to change fonts in the pull down? Maybe the font you’re using doesn’t have all the special characters.

Almost correct! There is am option to change Encoding! D’oh! Why didn’t I see that last night!

It should have been UTF8, as I sort of expected.

Sidenote/request: can we save this in a future version? You can save the preferred audio, subtitle language, etc. Why not encoding?

[edit] not everything has an Encoding menu item apparently… [/edit]

I have the same issue with external .ass subtitles files. All of them are encoded as UTF-8, but for whatever reason I always have problems when Encoding is set to the default “Auto” value. I need to manually put the setting at “Universal (UTF-8)” if I want some special characters to display properly. The first time I noticed it was with the “♪” character.

At least it’s a global setting and I only have to change it once. It wouldn’t be great if I had to do it for every movie/TV show episode!

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