Subtitles Download

Ability to download subtitles, based on the movie title ( like in XBMC ) will be a big plus for me.

cheers, alex

I second that. Boxee have a really elegant way to download subs to a movie you are watching. This would be really good.

I agree to that, Subtitle download from i.e. like xbmc

+1 I think it would be a really sweet feature


Nice! I recommend firecore to people because of the nice features and continius development. Thanks for the feedback

Brilliant. I cannot wait.

Is there news on this item? Would be very nice and for me a reason to buy.

Yes, subtitle downloads will be available in the upcoming 1.6 version.

It is great to see this. Still using xbmc for this feature.

Just like to ask if it will be only? Or other sources can be added?

For me, the source is my main subtitles website.

Just for now.