Subtitles displayed with strange characters

I’ve encountered several issues with Infuse and subtitles.
Every now and then (it doesn’t happen for ALL subtitles) every line that is displayed starts with:


and that’s weird, because the same file on Plex for ATV is fine, the same file with VLC on my PC is fine, so it’s definitely an Infuse issue.
You can find an example in the attachment (I had to rename the file from srt to txt).

It’s the italian forced subtitle track of episode 8 of the second season of Westworld.
Official Plex, VLC, etc handle the track with no issue, Infuse shows that nasty “{\an8}” on every line.
I know that in the txt file there is that “{\an8}” but why this stuff only pops up with Infuse?
Can you check?

PS: subtitle in Infuse are generally hard to read, even with the font size set to “Big” and with the “shadow” option. with light background they are barely readable. Maybe you should increase the size of the black “outline” to improve the legibility.

2x08_-_ricordare.txt (19.1 KB)

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