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First of all - I absolutely love Infuse, I am using it on iPad and Apple TV.

I have one suggestion regarding subtitles.
It can be tedious to set it up vertically and available font and colors are missing one great combination - automatic positioned on translucent background.
To explain better what I mean, I sent a snapshot of how Netflix does it because it’s best I have seen.
You should be able to detect black bars and place subtitles in bottom part of picture on translucent background.
Also, Netflix uses really cool font and sizing is just right.

Having additional options is always great, but I think it is better I never have to use them and certainly better than fiddling with subtitles on every movie.
Netflix nailed it, I am sure you can as well :slight_smile:


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That’s not Netflix, that’s how Apple does them by default. It’s also the first thing I change on my Apple TVs haha.

How do I get them on Infuse then?
I really like how Apple handles that.

Well, it’s a little harder in Infuse, since most people (I would assume) have subs that are in an image format (direct rips from DVD, BluRay, UHD). The native Apple player won’t play those and only text based subtitles, so all the apps that use the native player can be changed in the Accessibility settings on the Apple TV. Image subtitles like what Infuse is generally working with would need to be converted on the fly to a text based subtitle with OCR, and those are far from perfect. It’s probably a LOT of work, and still wouldn’t be perfect.

Actually, I mostly use “Get more” subtitles, which means downloaded from OpenSubtitles because embedded rarely has my language.
This means Infuse is displaying text and should respect Apple settings, but does not - it has it’s own settings for subtitles including manual vertical alignment which is a pain to setup for every movie.

The native display of subtitles work well. In addition, it much improves visibility. Looking forward to an implementation or updates on it.

they should add an option to tune the subtitles settings (like size, font, color, position) for ALL the file.
It’s INSANE to have to set these things for every single file!


This is the current suggestion thread with the most views/momentum/attention about the subtitle background topic - Add background behind subtitles. Please use this discussion to put our suggestions about pretty much the same topic in the same place for easy reference.

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