Subtitles disappears erraticly

Since the 2.3 update to Infuse, hebrew subtitles disappears erraticly when watching a movie. It happens after few minutes after the movie start playing.

I suspect those are memory related problems since it does not happen when watching series.

Workaround is to rechoose the subtitle but it can disappear again and again.

Movies and subtitles files are stored together on a LaCie NAS on AFP on wired network with the ATV, ATV version is 5.2 6010.96

I have the chance to a have second ATV2 not upgraded to 2.3 and infuse,still with “Media” player  connected to the same NAS, None of these symptoms occurs and subtitles are not disappearing, so I’m pretty sure that there is a serious bug with the new version.

So far, I’ve tried the suggestion to clear the cache and free extra memory, reboot the ATV, close photo stream without success, subtitles keep disappearing.

The new Infuse is great but it’s too bad it is so buggy and you can’t even downgrade to a previous version.

Will be glad to hear any suggestion although I have no hope for one.