Subtitles disappearing

I have an issue were subtitles (srt) disappear during movie playing and the only way to bring them back is to stop the movie and replay it again.
Anyone else experience This?

This is likely an issue with encoding type (we seen a few reports of this happening with Hebrew subtitles). Infuse will try and guest the encoding type, but in some cases it may not always be 100% accurate.

The best option is usually to set the encoding type manually through the Playback menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

Yes, I’m complaining about that for some time now: since the move from Media Player to Infuse on Apple TV 2, Infuse on iOS and inFuse on ATV 4, and frankly I don’t understand why this report is ignored for so long.

The default encoding is correctly guessed by Infuse and the subtitles appears correctly at the beginning of the movie, but suddenly disappears for some strange reason.
The annoying solution is to manually choose the encoding for each movie or episode you want to watch.

Unfortunately, not like the old Media Player where the encoding stayed to the last choice, this setting is reversed to default when you stop a movie and switch to another one, and then subtitltes always disappear.

I really, really would like to see this bug fixed for a better experience.


If the problem was the encoding, then the subtitles would appear as jibberish or squares. Incorrect encoding doesn’t explain why they disappear in the middle of the movie after they were shown correctly from the beginning.

I have the same issue on my Apple TV 4 with English subtitles, every couple of minutes the subtitles are disappearing, by stopping and starting the show they appear again for a couple of minutes, we are now 6 years later and i’m running the latest version from the app store

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Have you tried the suggestion above of setting the subs via the pull down?

Also, you may want to post the version number of Infuse your using since “the latest version” could reference a couple of different versions like V5 or V6