Subtitles Between Devices

I’m pretty new to the program and have two questions.

  1. Is there a way to set the subtitle track without having to play the file? I have my movies set to Plex, but none of the subtitle tracks I have set from Plex seem to transfer to Infuse. I have to manually load the movie in Infuse, play it, and then select the track.

  2. When I do the above step, it does not seem to be syncing up to other Apple devises even with iCloud sync turned on.

Any help with these two things appreciated.

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Have you tried turning on the Subtitles option in the settings under playback? Also you may need to select the languages in the settings for Subtitles to get it dialed in.

Thanks! Yeah, I’ve done that and have it set to forced only. But the movie subtitle is still set to off, then I have to play and select the track for it to use with the forced tracks. After I do that, my phone is not in sync and need to do the same thing.

It appears that when you’re using a Plex share the subtitle info is not listed as a synced item.

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Not sure how tied you are to running a plex server but depending on your needs you may want to try eliminating the plex share and then using Infuse to do the heavy lifting via a SMB or FTP connections instead.

Infuse really does a great job for many people without having to run an additional server. (I’m one of them :wink: )

Infuse is a great stand alone app.

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This. Having tested it with my now limited amount of local media it’s fantastic. Sadly though the bulk of my media is in the cloud so I’m avidly following progress on the Gdrive API ban issues.
If that gets fixed then I’m all in on abandoning Plex completely. :grinning:

Appreciate the insight. I’ve used the free version of Infuse for some time tied to Plex. Recently I decided to go Pro and I’m just trying to find a solution to converting everything over. I can’t seem to get the cloud sync to work with infuse for subtitles. If I could get that working so I don’t need to change every iPhone and ATV, then I’ll just use Infuse going forward.