Subtitles Auto OFF / Forced Subtitles Auto ON by Default

It would be a nice option to have subtitles OFF by default unless the Video track has a FORCED subtitle sub attached to it. For example: Foreign speaking parts of a film. A little tedious every time I start a movie, I have to go to the drop down option and select “None” to turn off whatever subtitle that isn’t default or Forced sub off.

That’s exactly what happens when you turn subtitles off in the settings.


Silly of me… I didn’t realize that. Thank you for the heads up. Still would be nice if it only would trigger on with Forced Subtitles. :slight_smile:

When you go into settings and turn off subtitles, the only subtitles that will show are forced subtitles. I do the same thing that you do and make the foreign parts subtitle a forced track, that way it’ll play in everything. All I have to do is turn off subtitles in the Infuse settings, and then it’ll always just play forced tracks.

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I just noticed that it started working properly. Cheers!

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