Subtitles are more bold now?

Has anyone noticed that in the last few days, all of a sudden the CC subtitles are more bold than they used to be? This is across Apple TV and iPad. Is it because of a recent update?

Maybe related to the “subtitle opacity options” mentioned in the 6.4.8 release that went out recently … Infuse Release Notes | Firecore

We improved how borders are rendered in the 6.4.8 update, and this can cause subtitles to appear a bit more bold.

If you prefer less bold, you can adjust the ‘Weight’ option found in the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu. Changing this from Medium to Regular should get things back to how they were before.

We’ll also be adjusting the defaults for the next update.

FYI, the default subtitle weight has been adjusted in today’s 6.4.9 update. :slight_smile:

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