subtitles about 1s too fast in mediaplayer 1.2

I have recently wachted a few movies and tv series. Overall it works great, however the srt subtitles are displaying about 1s too soon. 

I first thought it was the subtitles itself, but i’ve tested the same files/subs on VLC and a DVD player and they are in perfect sync.

I’m using the latest v1.2 mediaplayer

There is actually several topics on the same issue in here, but we never seem to get an answear to when it is going to be fixed. It is actually a very annoying bug.


BTW: I do not own a copy of aTV Flash my self, but my father do. I’m awaiting to see if this problem gets resolved.

I have checked this topic and I have the exact same issues. Very annoying. Its only with external SRT files, embedded are fine (in MKV). I hope this gets resolved soon, you would think that this is basic functionality that should have worked since v0.1beta, but maybe thats just me.

Right now, i cannot advice my friends to buy an ATV and Firecore,since this basic function doesnt work correctly yet.




Same issue here with external srt’s on 1.7. Still hasn’t been fixed in my opinion. I always have to set them at +0:50 sec.