Am i stupid or what? Where do i find the option to download a subtitle?

Seen the screenshot of the new feature but i can´t find it anywhere? 

same here. upgraded this morning , but can’t see the Get More button described in the release notes.

Ahh… good! I am not the only idiot around :slight_smile:

Really weird this, hope someone can give an explanation 

Took me awhile to find it too.  If you start your movie, then press and hold the select button on the apple remote a menu will pop up.  One of the menus is “subtitles” which should get you where you want to go.


Now…  anyone hae any idea where the deinterlace option is ???

nope, it’s not there . i can get to subtitles , but can’t see the new feature

Details on accessing this feature can be found here.

If the ‘Get More…’ option is not there you may want to ensure the Media Player item is up-to-date in the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

anyone tried the new feature for subttles and found the text to be way out of sync with the movie???

i found the reason why i couldn’t see the Get More option … i was trying to play some ISO ( DVD ) files when doing the test.  it works with other formats ( avi , etc )

Ah yes, that would do it. Unfortunately external subtitles (included those downloaded from OpenSubtitles) are not supported while playing ISO or VIDEO_TS files.