i have beata 6 and mediaplayer 0.6, my q subtilte is not working with movie how i can let this working

I actually came here for a similar question. When I tried to play an anime episode that was .MKV with subtitles, I was not able to see the subtitles when using the Media Player. I ran a test on the video and the subtitles are available on my computer and on other mobile devices that allow .MKV subtitles to be selected.

I am not sure if there is a setting I can choose to get the subtitles or if this is just a feature that has not been enabled yet.

As far as I know the sub-title support is limited to the case where you can select it via the initial DVD menu. This DOES seem to work. There does not seem to be a way of changing it dynamically while playing a video file. Hopefully this will change in a forthcoming release.

Support for subtitles is being worked on as we speak, and will be avialable in the next version.

We’ll have more details available soon.

thanks also please RMVB format not working