subtitle with a big stutter

for several months, I indicated that there was a problem with the appearance of the first subtitle with a big stutter (random problem and if you go back the problem disappeared). all format srt / pgs, and all 4k format

a solution ?

What type of videos are you playing? Which model Apple TV?

The upcoming 6.3.1 update will include a few improvements for heavy/complex subtitles which could possibly help.

remux 4k hdr or encoded x265 4k hdr on apple tv 4k. pgs or srt same problem

it’s been 2 years since I reported a problem with image skipping when subtitles appear, it happens 1 time out of 10, the problem still exists
all apple tv version , all infuse version , all ios version , 4k/2k , srt or pgs etc etc

Thread here:

A fourth thread you created for this issue that wasn’t merged in yet is here.