Subtitle track defaults to .srt even when it shouldn’t

Subtitle track defaults to .srt files even when there is a subtitle track embedded in the video file marked as default. I think it is not the intended behavior.

This is actually done by design.

The thought behind this is, if you go through the work to add external subtitles then there’s a good chance those are the ones you want to use.

I understand your totally valid reasoning. Would be nice to have an option maybe (e.g. “Use default subtitle if present” or “prefer embedded subtitles”). I have the following case: using Infuse with Plex, the latter automatically downloads some subtitles, which are sometimes wrong (all Star Trek ones for instance), but I don’t always check them since I know the one embedded is correct.

Edit: What is even more annoying from Plex is that I can’t erase this subtitle: it is not a file alongside the video file (must be somewhere in the database), and trying to delete it from Plex Web returns “There was a problem deleting the stream”.

On a side note, maybe Infuse can use the subtitle selected in Plex or add an option “use Plex selected subtitle” instead of the one proposed above. I know Infuse is about making everything the most simple, so adding options might not be your preferred route.

I would love for this to be an option in the menus. I run my Infuse setup off a Plex server that automatically downloads subtitles, so it sometimes has both internal and external ones.
Also maybe there could be a way to choose subtitles before starting playback so I don’t have to fiddle around as the movie is playing if I already know which subtitles are best for a particular file?

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