Subtitle Time offset control bug

I have a IR remote configured to work with my AppleTV. It has worked well with Infuse.

However, today I needed to adjust the time offset for the subtitles. I am able scroll down to the time offset option but unable to adjust it using the IR remote.

I am able to video scrub left and right with my IR remote and the up, down, left, right controls work fine.

The AppleTV remote works fine. So the time offer control must be programmed in such a way that it works with the Apple TV remote but not the IR remote.

This should be a stunning fix.


Thanks for the report.

We’ll take a look at this.

This has been resolved in today’s 6.2.6 update. :slight_smile:

Great to hear? Please forward my bug finding fee to my email. I will also accept an Infuse 6 lifetime upgrade. LoL???

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