Subtitle synchronisation problem

I tried to add an external ass subtitle when playing the main title in a BDMV folder. However, at the beginning of video, the subtitle was already about an hour ahead of the video. I tried to play the BDMV folder with the subtitle in Potplayer in Windows and there was no problem. It seems that infuse treats the subtitle for the whole Blu-ray rather than the selected title. As infuse automatically ignores some titles (e.g. titles showing Blu-ray menu and the copyright information) before the main title, the subtitle for the main title becomes way ahead. Can this problem be fixed?

Please try it again and post a diagnostic code. Also can you post file details using media info and maybe upload the subtitle file. That will help figure it out.

Sorry, I don’t know how to get a diagnostic code. Instead, I upload all the files so that the situation can be reproduced (bdmv folder is converted to iso file for easy upload). The photos I attached also show the problem. PowerDVD and Potplayer in windows show the subtitle correctly while infuse does not. Infuse is showing the subtitle at 1:37:44 when the video is at 27:45.

Code: 49F5E

video: (link removed)
subtitle: (link removed)

Thanks for the samples.

We’ll take a look at this.

This issue has been resolved, and the fix will be available soon in the upcoming 6.2.6 release.

I have updated to the latest version. It is great that simple external subtitles will work now. However, I have tried a few external subtitles with more special effect. They do not even show up (sometimes the subtitles will be shown for a short period of time when the video is just played or skipped and will then disappear) when used with any bdmv folders or iso files but they work well with mkv files in infuse. Some subtitles files are attached below for reference. The subtitles are not in English but it should not be an issue.

Thanks again for the samples. We’ll take a look.

We’ve resolved the remaining issues for the upcoming 6.2.7 release, which should be out next week.

Thanks for the report.

6.2.7 is now available on the App Store. :slight_smile:

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