subtitle sync - user interface not usable


I don’t use my original AppleTV remote, the gesture control thing just kills me. I typically use the app on my iPhone or a third party remote that just has arrows and no swiping gestures.

The entire UI of infuse works perfectly with this, except for the subtitle sync function.

You have to be on that menu item and try to swipe your way into a proper number. Arrow buttons do not work, which means you have to swipe. On the iPhone, I can never get it to the correct number as the numbers either go way too fast or way too slow. It also freezes the movie in the background, so you have to close up the menu and then see if you guessed right with your syncing.

The correct behavior for this functionality should be:

  1. Allow arrow presses too, which should allow you to granually add or subtract 0.1s each press (or when pressed continually or swiped, it should go up faster).
  2. the movie should continue playing in the background. If possible, the interface for syncing should show up without the entire menu hiding the video, but even with it, it should continue to play so we can determine the correct sync value.

I can confirm this.