Subtitle sync on device

When I stream the movie on my network the subtitle is in sync. If I download it to a device (iPhone) it will be out of sync and is nearly impossible to get in sync. seems like it changes every time you restart the movie (IE not from the beginning)

when streaming over the network (library) that is no problem. always in sync

This may be a case of Infuse using one subtitle file for streaming playback, and another for synced playback. Do you know if you are using the same subtitles for streamed and downloaded files?

Can you check to see if the ‘Download Subtitles’ option is enabled in Infuse > General? With this enabled, Infuse will automatically download subtitles for synced videos.

Yes I had that option on.
Now turned off. Initial test shows you could be right. I will test more and write here if it solved the problem or not.

So - If I have a film with subtitles on a folder on the server. When I download it to the device it does not download the subtiles in the folder too? It downloads subtitles from internet? If that is the case I think it i’s a little weird behaviour…
If it does not download the subtitles (with identical naming) from the same folder. Can I force InFuse to do that?

What type of device/service are you streaming from?

If the subtitles are matched to the video they should be pulled down automatically when downloading files.

Can you try disabling the ‘Download Subtitles’ option in Infuse > Settings > General and see if this works as expected?

I think your suggestion/solution was correct.
after I disabled download subtitles I don’t have the same issue.
Thank you very much for your help

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