Subtitle support

Hi customer service

I have seen your reviews of the ATV flash and it looks everything wonderful.
However as I’m Chinese background.
CHinese subtitle is extremely important features.
There are 2 types of Chinese subtitle, so does ATV flash supported both ?
which means:
If I have a media folder that has 3 Srt files:

  1. English
  2. Chinese - traditional
  3. Chinese - Simplify.
    Will I be able to select which subtitle to show during playing the media files?

The next questions is:
I have few MKV files which ranges from 2GB to 12 GB.
Does ATV flash will be able to play the file without lagging ?

One last questions is:
If I have a full Blu ray ripped folders.
Can ATV flash played the folder and show all the features options of the Bluray disc as I put the Bluray into my PS3 player ?

Thank you.

Best regards
Peter Yeh

  1. Currently only a single subtitle file will be supported for each movie. The subtitle file would need to have the same name as the media file, and the subtitles will be displayed during playback.

E.G. Armageddon.avi and

  1. MKV files are supported, however even with aTV Flash installed the AppleTV hardware is limited to the following resolution: Up to 5 Mbps, maximum resolution 1280x720 @ 24fps, 960x540 @ 30fps

  2. Unfortunately Blu-ray files will need to be converted to a lower (720p) resolution in order for the current AppleTV hardware to play them.

HI Max
Thank you for your reply post.
Topic 1:
If it only support 1 subtitle, either if the subtitle is Simplify Chinese or Traditional Chinese.
Will is displayed either one without any problem ?
The reasons for this question is because I’m using VLC to play media files in my imac running Leopard.
I do able to switch between different subtitle like English or Dutch Spanish without any problem. But not for switching simplify to Traditional Chinese.
If my preference setting for the subtitle is Traditional Chinese, if my subtitle files is Simplify Chinese it will show with scramble symbols. Only SRT files with Traditional Chinese it will show normally.

Topic 2
How do I know that if the files over over 720P?
because I can only know that if the movie files is about 5GB they are 720p. However if they are 12Gb it is 1080p.
Is there any other way for me to know that the resolutions ?

Topic 3
Do you know what sort of software that is available [ freeware or fees] that enable me to convert my bluray Rip Movies 60GB in size to 720p?

Topic 4 [New question]
I’m currently using Boxee and XBMC to play my media files.
However these player does not support chinese subtitle.
So I have to do a little tricks on the font setting. That is to grab the traditional front from the apple software database and overwrite the Arial font inside the Boxee and XBMC.
So my Boxee is able to display Traditional Chinese and my XBMC is able to display Simplify Chinese.
Hence if my media files has simplify Chinese I will use XBMC to play and if my SRT files is Traditional chinese I will use BOXEE to play.
Now, my questions is:
I can change the setting for the subtitle font in the boxee and XBMC as well with ATV flash?

Topic 5 [New question]
I saw the introduction of the ATV flash, it is say Nitro TV is use to play media files.
It is a better media player compare to Boxee or XBMC ?

Thanks again for your clarification and help.

  1. I believe either should work, but if you have a sample file you would like us to test we’d be more than happy to do so.

  2. Typically movies over 4GB will be a higher resolution/bitrate than the AppleTV can handle. If you’re using VLC, you should be able to open the info window and get more details specs for a particular movie.

  3. You can use Handbrake ( to convert your movies into an AppleTV friendly format.

  4. See question 1.

  5. nitoTV allows to play additional media files without leaving the native AppleTV menus.