Subtitle size when playing bluray

When playing an .mkv etc. i usually set the size of the subtitles to a nice, small size, but with bluray’s, the size of the subtitles are huge… very annoying. And i can’t seem to change the size. Why is that? Is the fontsize fixed on blurays maybe? Is there a workaround?

Can you tell us a bit more about these files? We had one other similar report come through, but weren’t able to get any additional info from the person who initially reported it.

Some subtitle types have fixed attributes, but in general you shouldn’t be seeing huge subtitles.

Also, you may try updating to 5.6.9 which was just released to see if this changes anything for you.

Some samples. First is a h.264 mkv of The Big Bang Theory, S11E16. Here you can choose different sizes, colors etc for the subtitles. I’ve chosen the smallest size.

Other samples are 1:1 blurays, from Batman The Dark Knight (img_1667), Mad Max Fury Road (img_1668) and Star Wars Rogue One (img_1669). With these you can not choose any size or font or anything subtitle related, only the position. I’ve yet to encounter a bluray where i can actually change the size of the subtitles…

Ah, ok - this is a bit different from the other issue that was reported.

In this case, the subtitle size/style is fixed, and unfortunately cannot be changed by Infuse. One thing you can do is use the ‘More’ option to download extra subtitles from OpenSubtitles. Any subtitles from OpenSubtitles will use your custom style settings, just like you see in The Big Bang Theory.

Ah ok. I guess somebody should inform the movie producers that 1080P and 4K bluray’s do NOT need those huge old fashioned DVD size subtitles… or add some different sizes.