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Hi all

For us Europeans using subtitles frequently, one of the best and most cinema-like subtitle fonts in Infuse is the Hiragino Sans which also have a pleasing display of some of the weird nordic letters like æ ø å ö ä.

However since the last 6th version of Infuse a problem appeared where the lower part or border of the larger letters are cut off on the bottom line. See attached picture.

Is it possible to fix this?

Another subtitled request:

For us users with masked projector setups who enjoy having subtitles lined up inside the frame. Would it be possible to make Infuse remember the vertical setting of the subtitle for each movie - or maybe have a ’follow frame’ setting which would be nice, so that subtitles wont appear outside frame on scope movies.



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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the report.

We’l take a look and see if we can get this fixed up.

Hi James

Thanks…highly appreciated.

Any chance of implementing my suggestion about the vertical subtitle placement?


If you are using SRT files for your videos, Infuse should actually remember the vertical alignment setting that was selected and use this for all future videos.

PS - It looks like Apple had a system wide fix for Hiragino Sans in place for iOS/tvOS 12, but removed this for some reason in in iOS/tvOS 13. We’re working on our own fix for this.

Hi James

Thanks. Good to hear that you’re working on a fix for the Hiragino Sans problem. It is actually one of the few good looking fonts when viewing Danish, Norwegian or Swedish subtitles that contains several strange letters like Æ,Ø,Å, Ä, Ö.

Regarding the vertical placement issue, it certainly is correct that Infuse remembers the setting, but it would actually be nice if the setting was remembered an stored for each particular film. I’m one of those people (with a projector) who prefers to have the subtitles inside the frame - a few inches from the bottom and that placement of course differs when viewing full screen or widescreen movies. It don’t know how difficult it is to implement this in Infuse, but maybe the feature would be possible by using the nfo or xml metadata file?


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