Subtitle options in playback menu


You say: Added subtitle options (size, color, border)


The new subtitle options are available in the subtitle section of the Playback menu.

The Playback menu can be accessed by holding the center (select) button while playing a video in Media Player.

I can access the playback menu and I can choose the right chapter, audio and subs there, but I cannot see any subtitle options for size, color or border. Am I missing something? I use latest jailbrake and mp 0.71 and latest maintenance


What kind of files are you playing?

The new subtitle appearance options will only apply when using external .srt files. Unfortunately there is no way to modify the subtitle appearance of DVD subtitles. Sorry.  :frowning:


That is exactly what I have just found out by experiment. Most of my movies have internal subs. When I tried one with external I discovered the subs option menu. It gave me perfect control over the appearance of the subs. I like that a lot. It makes me hungry for the same control over internal subs

All other experience in 0.71 is perfect. I am satisfied for now. :slight_smile:

PS. On my set Remote from Iphone still works, also with remote HD update

Will you add support for MKV movies which already have built-in srt subtitles?



Yes, this is one of the big things on our todo list and will be available soon-ish.

What about idx/sub subtitles?



Hopefully soon as well.

What are the rules for Media Player to recognize .srt subtitles? Same folder and same name? Is different name ok? I had an .srt in subfolder, it didn’t register, and when I moved it up one level it still didn’t show up…

Right now the .srt file must be in the same folder, with the same name.

E.G. Inception.mkv and

Im having trouble with Spanish subtitles, seems that some characters are not recognized.


I just installed atv flash, everything is great and was so easy to install. My only problem regards subtitles. I have a .avi and a .srt in the same folder with the same name. When i play the movie and i press the central button i have the subtitle menu, i can select the .srt but it doesn’t show up when i resume the movie… Any idea?

same problem with some avi srt combis overhere. In somes cases it works in some cases it doesnt. I have tried both afp and smb and the files are really with same name in same folder and dubs work on pc and mac with vlc



I found the solution by re-jailbreaking properly (meaning using seasonpass untill the end…) the atv2 after reading the post from bdguitarhero here :

Now my .srt work fine.


I’m having the same problem, I can see the subtitle on the menu by pressing the center button, i can choose it, but it never show up. 

During the Media Player 0.6 I didn’t have any problem like this. Any solution guys?


Same problem here, i coded the srt file with ISO-8859-1 and with UTF-8 and the AppleTV not recognize the spanish characters

You may need to adjust the encoding type. This setting can be found in the Playback menu (hold select while a video is playing).

Perfect!! Is this!!! :slight_smile: Amazing!!


I’d like to know if you guys are planning to add support for subtitles to movies 3D side by side? I really hope you do it.