Subtitle names

Infuse Pro 4.0.3 on Apple TV 4

It lists external subtitles in full name, which doesn’t look like a common way that we usually see in other players

For example we have followings in a folder

Infuse says available subtitles are


If the file name is long, you don’t know what subtitle it is until it scrolls to right-end…

Can you only display the part after movie file name without extension? It should list like

  • English (srt)
  • Chinese (srt)
  • English ← embedded subtitle
  • English (ssa)


Why not just make the field wider so the whole subtitle file becomes visible ?? This is also valid for subtitles collected from opensubtitles where you today cannot see to which version the video is synched towards. (LOL, ORGANIC, MORITZ, BOZ… etc etc)

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