Subtitle location

When you download subtitles in Infuse where are they stored, as I don’t see then next to my movie file…

Subtitles are stored locally in the Infuse app. These are not visible, but will be automatically removed if/when videos are deleted via Infuse.

Why not download to be next to the video file?

lol, I was actually thinking the same… With file management Infuse can delete, so they have the permissions to write. They can put the file in the same directory.

Is this already a possibility?

The issue is not all device support read/write access, and this can even change from time to time depending on the device settings.

Also, as of v6.0.3, downloaded subtitles are synced to iCloud so they will be available on all devices. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t work when the back end serving the files is upnp or plex.

Unfortunately that still means I cannot get to them and save them, edit them, etc.

For the ones you want to edit or save for some reason couldn’t you just download them from opensubtitle?

Yep, so that’s what I do these days, lol

Don’t forget this is a thread from a year ago ?

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