Subtitle Issues in HDR

New bug in the latest update( 7.3.4).

While watching HDR contents, the subtitle is always white even when the opacity is set to transparent. White and Grey colors also look the same. The vertical offset also seems to be off when compared to non-HDR contents.

Are these embedded PGS subtitles?

We’re looking into one issue here.

It seems that srt subtitle in SDR movie is actually different colour for white, light gray and gray. RGB value is around 255/255/255, 220/220/220, 128/128/128 for white, light gray and gray respectively. (check by System digital colour meter)

in HDR, white / light gray / gray show the same RGB value in digital colour meter but different in brightness level. Difference between white and light gray is pretty small.

Personally I think real gray color for HDR movie would be nice but sub opacity works for me so I’m not complaining.

They are SRT.

Video is HEVC.

It can be confirmed that the subtitle color -no matter how it is defined- will be forced to white when HDR videos are played.
What’s worse is that it even occurs to PGS subtitles!
Please revert recent changes now to restore the basic function of the app.
In Infuse 6, this bug never appears.

And another long-standing bug in subtitle manipulation I want to report here is that Infuse can NOT recognize the font varieties, like Condensed. For example, if you define “Avenir Next”, the result is OK, but when you use “Avenir Next Condensed”, neither Avenir Next Condensed nor Avenir Next will be used. Instead it always falls back to the default.

Please fix them ASAP. Thanks.

The problem of high brightness of PGS subtitles in HDR videos is really needs to be fixed, because it is really too harsh.

I am testing out Infuse as a client app for Plex, because the exact same subtitle brightness issue has been present on the Plex client for years, and they don’t seem super interested in fixing it.

I like the Infuse app so far, but will not be buying pro with this bug still present, since watching subtitled content without my retinas getting seared is the whole point of looking at Infuse in the first place.

You’re absolutely right.
There’s a reason why Apple doesn’t offer Grey color in system subtitle setting (which plex use)

Quicktime & AppleTV+ subtitle in HDR actually looks like “SDR white”, so user doesn’t need to switch subtitle color between SDR & HDR movies.
Apple’s way make a lot of sense but seems like no external video player dev (Plex, Infuse) notice.


Today’s 7.4.4 update includes improvements for subtitles in HDR mode, which should resolve the issues you were seeing here.

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